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Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke BMW F10 550I Signature Rear Exhaust System

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For BMW enthusiasts looking to separate their F10 550I rear exhaust system from the industry standard, we at Active Autowerke have just the performance upgrade for you! Our 510 550I performance exhaust system 90 mm tips makes the view from the rear an intimidating one, and it gives drivers noticeable gains in horsepower u2013 what more could you ask for in a BMW?

This rear exhaust system in completely constructed with durable, polished 100% 304 stainless steel for added sturdiness throughout the product. It also features four large, double-walled 90 mm signature stainless steel tips to complete the look of the rear exhaust. The Active Autowerke BMW F10 550I is in a class all its own. This upgrade boasts true performance, added durability, attractive weight advantage and innovative features.

Active Autowerke F10 550I Performance Exhaust System Benefits

This BMW F10 5-Series exhaust delivers everything we know BMW enthusiasts would want in a performance rear exhaust including: a sophisticated yet aggressive tone, weight savings, andu00a0most importantly noticeable gains when it comes to horsepower!

First, the addition of our F10 550I Signature Rear Exhaust creates a tone in the car that enthusiasts really love. This muffler spawns a sound that is much more assertive than the stock exhaust system, yet it is still refined. This results in an exhaust tone that is both thrilling and unobtrusive the perfect combination!

Next, there is a pretty big difference between the weight of the 510 550I factory exhaust system and our signature exhaust a 10 lb. difference to be exact. The weight saved with our performance system translates to even more gains for your BMW F10 550I.

Last, but definitely not least, is the most sought-after benefit of our 550I performance exhaust system the horsepower gains. On the in-house Active Autowerke Mustang dyno, we measured gains of 7+ WHP over stock configuration. Unearthing the extra power of a BMW owner's stock exhaust is what we are here for!

Active Autowerke F10 550I Signature Rear Exhaust System Features:

  • Larger diameter mandrel bent exhaust piping for maximum flow
  • Durable, polished 100% 304 stainless steel
  • Double-walled 90 mm signature stainless steel tips
  • Adjustable tips with embossed Active Autowerke logo on the dual tip mode
  • Improved power & torque throughout entire RPM band
  • Actual dyno measure results with gains of 7+ WHP over stock configuration
  • Fitment for BMW M sport rear diffuse
  • Complete illustrated instruction manual
  • Two year warranty included