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Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke G80 M3 and G82 M4 Valved Rear Axle-back Exhaust

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Active Autowerke is proud to release the Active Autowerke Valved Rear Exhaust for the BMW G80 M3 and G82 M4. While these cars have received rave reviews for their performance, the sound is a muffled one leaving the driver to wonder if they are really driving a BMW M-car. In order to solve this, Active Autowerke has created a full exhaust system for the G80/G82 which comprises this rear axle-back valved exhaust, a mid-pipe with x-pipe or single and a set of GESI catted downpipes. Together, this remake of the stock exhaust results in a G80/G82 with an amazing sound. You will feel like you are driving a true M-car again.

At Active Autowerke, it's not ONLY about making as much power as possible but to maximize the enjoyment of the drive. For over 40 years, power has been the end result of improved performance due to our relentless desire to develop a refined, quality product. This philosophy behind our performance parts is best represented by the introduction of G80/G82 BMW M3/M4 collection rear exhaust.

The Active Autowerke G80/G82 rear exhaust was carefully engineered to increase the sound level over the factory M3 and M4 exhaust, while also allowing for optimum flow and resonance by reusing the actuators from the BMW valves. Every effort was made in addressing the overly quiet sound of the stock OEM exhaust while designing an exhaust worthy for an "M" car. We believe our rear exhaust combined with our mid-pipe and catted downpipes offers the best combination of sound and performance versus any other system on the market today. Available for both models, this axle-back exhaust gives your BMW the deep, throaty, growl a car of its caliber should have had from the factory!


Key features

  • Made in the USA
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Low, Deep Sound with stock Valve Control
  • Each exhaust test-fit on our G80/G82 Exhaust Fixture
  • Guaranteed to fit all G80/G82 BMW M3/M4
  • Includes all necessary installation hardware

Active Autowerke GUARANTEES that each and every G80/G82 M3 and M4 Rear Exhaust Section will be a precise fit. Every Active Autowerke G80/G82 Rear Exhaust Section is test-fitted on our in-house G80/G82 Exhaust Fixture as part of our quality control measures.