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Armaspeed Mercedes AMG C63 / C63 S (W205) Carbon Intake

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The Mercedes intake for the AMG C63/ C63 S is made with fine carbon fiber and has been developed through multiple testing and airflow simulation analyses.

As the leader of the C series, C63 S has always been an indicator of unyielding performance and great luxury. ARMASPEED had challenged this nearly impossible task and successfully developed a full intake system for the C63 S, the full kit can easily be fitted to an engine output up to 650HP. After much testing and altering ARMASPEED am confident to state that the C63 S intake system is a mission accomplished. ARMASPEED exclusive heat dissipation feature works flawlessly on the C63 S intake by rapidly rid of the stored heat and effectively creating airflow gains. With its clean streamlined appearance and excellent performance, ARMASPEED C63 intake system will undoubtedly provide the driver with a brisk driving experience.