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BlackBoost Performance Engineering Cold Air Intake System for the C63(S) AMG 4.0l V8 BiTurbo M177 and GLC63(S) AMG 4.0l V8 BiTurbo M177.

Here at Blackboost we strive to make only the best, we are simply not interested in developing products that are just like any other. This is easy to see this when looking at our cold air intake system developed for the Mercedes W205 C63/C63s AMG with it’s BiTurbo 4.0 twin turbo engine. Many innovations exist here that are simply not seen within the rest of the aftermarket, from the type of filters we use, to the level of complexity of our air box / heat shields, to the fully sealed design, to the incorporated velocity stack, vent to atmosphere blow off valve conversion and customized logo plate. Read below to see an itemized list of what makes our product superior to the rest:



The filter is only half the battle when designing this product, as maintaining nothing but cold air into the engine is equally important when it comes to an air intake system. Many companies claim to have cold air intake systems, but with air boxes that only go around half of the filter, it is obvious that there is still a massive amount of ultra hot air from the radiator entering the engine directly. The cooler the air that enters the engine, the higher the power, because cooler air is more dense, and having more air molecules entering the combustion chamber allows you to add more fuel, ultimately resulting in more power!  Higher reliability is achieved also, as an engine running cooler is an engine less prone to knock causing detonation; a true engine killer! These engines are very sensitive and highly tuned German built machines, and the engineers at Mercedes would lose sleep at night knowing that hot air is entering their precious mechanical masterpiece of an engine. Our intake is designed with an airbox that fully isolates the filter from every single side and incorporates a compressible rubber gasket on it’s upper edge to seal against the hood, guaranteeing that once the hood is closed absolutely zero hot engine bay air can enter the engine.  One look at the complexity of the folds and shape of our airbox and it is easy to see why nobody else has made a fully sealed design, while simultaneously using such a large filter. With many bends and edges formed to match the ultra-tight space available, the engineering that has gone into these assemblies is quite complex and in depth.  Even we have gone the extra length to add compound long radius bends into the process of manufacturing the inlet areas, so the factory inlet tubes fit with a tight seal, assuring that no hot engine bay air leaks inside.  This airbox is entirely designed in 3D CAD software, laser cut, CNC bent, and professionally TIG welded all by highly skilled craftsmen.  Utilizing aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum, and finished with a highly durable and heat resistant black textured powdercoating, it is easy to see that staying lightweight, maintaining the lowest temperatures and also having the highest quality is our greatest concern.



With this intake system, unlike many other companies, we choose to simply eliminate the factory recirculating blow off valve inlet hose, and allow the blow off valves to vent to the open atmosphere.  This is a major advantage when you consider that every time the factory system recirculates air back into the front of the turbo using the Blow off Valve, it is actually sending ultra hot post-turbo compressed air back into the inlet, creating a large increase in air intake temperatures every time you release the throttle, or during shifts.  By eliminating this factory recirculation, your air intake temperatures lower and your cooling system stay cooler as well.  You also get the added benefit of having an awesome Wooshing Blow off valve sound, something that often people will pay for as an added option, however the elimination of this recirculating tube is standard on our kits.



Our intake tubes are made from aircraft grade and mandrel bent 6061 Aluminum, and are fabricated and TIG welded by our skilled in house craftsmen.  They are also powder coated in a beautiful, highly durable, and heat dissipating textured black finish for a classy look.  The real advantage to our intake tube over others on the market is the incorporated velocity stack which can be found inside the mouth of the filter.  Velocity stacks are and have been used in motorsports for many years, as a means of smoothing out the flow of air entering the tube, resulting in a higher flowing design.  With such a smooth and beautiful transition from the filter into the tube, air is accelerated into the turbo at a higher speed than would otherwise be seen, which results in even higher power levels, just because it is easier for the air to enter!


We utilize BMC air filters, with the best filtration ability of any other company in the world, companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche are known to use BMC in certain factory applications.  You cannot have the best intake without having the best filters, and the Italian made BMC filter brand is at the top of the filter food chain.  They filter an incredible 7 micron size particle, factory paper filters can only achieve 10 microns.  The physical size of our filters are the largest available from any company on the market giving you a significantly higher surface area for filtration.  The particular BMC filter we choose to use is a twin air design, meaning there is an additional set of filter elements in the front of the filter, giving even more available flow than would otherwise be offered.  When you consider that BMC filters are already the best, and additionally we are using larger filters with more surface area than any other company, it is easy to see why greater performance is the obvious outcome in such a scenario, as we achieve higher flow!



Something that we are very proud of here at Blackboost is how we are able to achieve world class performance gains with only the highest quality products, while simultaneously designing things in a very visually attractive and classy manner.  Form always follows function for us, as we always prioritize the highest possible power levels, however we make a way for our products to look good as well!  Everything about our intake is beautiful, however the one touch we are especially proud of is our Laser cut and engraved Stainless steel logo plates!  With our signature Honeycomb engraving to give a well thought out look, as well as incorporating our company’s name, the information about the product, a serial number, and also the option to write who the intake is hand crafted for!  If you do not want to write your name, you can write anything you want within the available space, this is your choice, and if you choose not to write anything this is also ok.  We care a lot about making our products special and personal for the customer, and we have found that a really amazing way to do this is to give this option to write your own name or title on the logo plates!  Another detail that is worth covering is that these logo plates actually are bolted into the airbox on a separate piece, as the filter simply will not go in or out of the box without the piece unbolting.  It just goes to show, when presented with the challenge of how to fit a logo plate, we didn’t give up, we increased the complexity of our product because we care that much about giving the finishing touches that it deserves, ultimately resulting in something you can feel proud to display and show off to your friends.


Mercedes C63s AMG 4.0l V8 BiTurbo M177 | dyno figures of our first prototype version on a full stock car! +11,2whp +14,3wtq