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Corsa Performance

Corsa Performance Black out Heat Protection Corvette C8

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Black Out Heat Protection Shields
Contains Two (1 per each side)

The C8 as designed is a work of art, featuring stunning body lines and supercar levels of performance. Yet there are still areas where the aesthetics can be improved. Heat shielding has been utilized as necessary throughout the C8 engine cavity and exhaust system to protect the vehicle from excessive heat generated from the V8 engine. Behind the rear wheels, GM used reflective heat material to reduce heat soak, which creates an eyesore against the otherwise gorgeous lines of the C8 rear valence. CORSA’s Black Out heat shield replace GM’s reflective heat wrap with an added layer of black heat protection eliminating the eyesore behind the C8 Exhaust Tip cavity.

  • 10 Minute Peel and Stick Installation
  • Designed Specific to the C8
  • Withstands up to 1750F