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Consisting of drop in high flow filters and an enormous carbon fiber engine cover, the F97/F98 intake is a straightforward solution to delivering aesthetically enhanced improved air flow. Despite its unorthodox appearance and seemingly haphazard design forced to fit in limited available space, the OEM intake system is incredibly efficient. Wholesale improvement upon the design given the packaging limitations meant that a full re-design was not going to be feasible at a price point that would be accepted so a simpler more direct approach was taken. Improve air flow in the factory system where it was restricted - the filters themselves. Simply going from the stock paper filters to the Dinan multi-layered cotton filters not only increased flow by nearly 20% but also resulted in some modest power gains in the mid and upper RPM range. While happy with the results, the engine bay remained lack luster and devoid of any visual hallmarks. And so, the worship worthy ziggurat of carbon fiber was born. The herculean, detail laden, UV coated 2x2 carbon fiber lid inhabits the same footprint as its factory counterpart but flairs outward at its sides in order to inhibit the view of some of the unsightly stainless-steel hardware underneath that is visible in stock form. With the goal of having the engine bay as clutter free as possible the engine cover itself is also devoid of distracting mounting hardware. Instead, powerful rare earth magnets are utilized resulting in not only an incredibly clean installation, but also one that takes no time or effort to mount. Together, the high flow filters and the carbon fiber engine cover, represent the X3M/X4M intake system even if the "intake" moniker may be considered a stretch and not universally accepted. The combination still represents the best comprehensive value for the 2 pieces. However, each component is sold separately for those that may only be after the increased flow/power or only the visual appeal. There is an option for everyone.


  • More Power: Max gains of 7 WHP and 8 lb-ft of torque @ 4750 RPM.
  • More Flow: 18.6% greater than stock (Stock: 862 CFM, Dinan: 1022 CFM @ 28" H2O per bank).
  • Massive detail rich, gloss UV coated, 2x2 carbon fiber engine cover for maximum under hood appeal.
  • Set of drop-in multi-layered cotton high flow filters for increased flow and superior filtration.
  • One word: Magnets. The mounting hardware solution for those that wish to be free of clutter.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • 50 State Emissions Legal: CARB EO D-176-54.