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Fall-Line Motorsports

Fall-Line Motorsports G8X / F8X / E9X M3 Lower Coil Over Camber Arm + Shim Set

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Best of the best. Fall-Line Motorsports has taken everything they've learned in manufacturing over the last decade to create an ultra high-end interpretation of the G8X / F8X M2 M3 M4 and E9X M3 lower camber arm.

Fall-Line's bespoke version discards the deformation-prone stamped steel arm that includes a provision for the rear coil spring in favor of 5-axis CNC machined, billet aluminum that eliminates the rear coil mount. This pair has been gorgeously crafted and pocketed (to save weight without compromise to rigidity) and is hard coat black anodized for ultimate resistance to wear. So too has the hardware been given an upgrade—10.9 grade corrosion-resistant extended bolts are included to replace the inferior factory pieces.

These arms represent another exciting entry into the often neglected F8X / E9X suspension arm market and add valuable peace of mind for street or motorsport duty from the undisputed champion within the BMW realm.

Product Details:

  • For all G8X, F8X, and E9X M3 cars using TRUE Rear Coil Over Conversion ONLY
  • DMG Mori 5-Axis CNC machined, billet aluminum construction
  • Hard coat black anodized
  • Includes Camber Shim Set
  • Sold in pairs