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Fall-Line Motorsports

Fall-Line Motorsports Halon Fire Extinguisher + Mounting Bracket - E46 / E36 M3

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Supported Models:

  • E46 M3
  • E46 3 Series
  • E36 M3
  • E36 3 Series

Fall Line Motorsports has earned their reputation as one of the premier BMW race car manufacturers by investing over one and a half decades of dedication and hard work. The experience housed within Fall Line’s facility walls is a nearly universal collection of racing knowledge, encompassing everything from suspension design and engineering to engine design, to world-class safety systems.

Fall Line’s work is typically restricted to complete race car builds, but today IND Distribution, a long standing partner of Fall Line Motorsports, is proud to introduce Fall Line’s new Halon fire extinguisher and mounting bracket.

The fire extinguisher's unique features and mounting bracket are designed for quick responses. PULL knob, GRAB and GO. The extinguisher mounts perfectly to the fall line mounting bracket, which mounts to your pre-existing floor mounting holes. The extinguisher contains Halon 1211 extinguishing agent.