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Fall-Line Motorsports

Fall-Line Motorsports - Harness Collar Set

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Designed to fit all 1.75" OD Roll Bars

The perfect finishing touch to your interior safety, these harness collars are precisely sized to fit all Fall-Line Motorsports roll bars (1.75" diameter). With these secured in place, your shoulder straps can never slide out of position on the bar. As a result, your belts won’t slide off your shoulders while you’re pushing the car to the limit and you’re able to drive with maximum confidence.

NOTE: The inside edges of your shoulder belts should be positioned no more than 3” apart on the roll bar for maximum performance and safety. Please ensure you take proper measurements before affixing these harness collars to your bar. This measurement is particularly important while using a HANS device.

Product Details: 

  • Available in sets of 2 (one seat)
  • Clamps securely without damaging the finish on your roll bar
  • Keeps harness shoulder straps locked in place during motorsport use
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Black anodized finish
  • Made in USA