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Fall-Line Motorsports

Fall-Line Motorsports M240iR Carbon Wing Endplate Set

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SKU: FLM-F22-8240WEP


BMW enthusiasts know better than anyone how skillful BMW M’s engineering is. Each M car is the perfect balance of stylish and discreet, of useable and striking. Whether you’re driving around a race track or cruising around town, BMW M knows how to make a car that works in all situations.

Fall-Line Motorsports has designed a new replacement endplates set in carbon for the M240iR / M235iR / M4 GTS rear wing that is the same shape to the original M240iR BMW part. Constructed in 2x2 carbon weave, these new Fall-Line endplates match the BMW Motorsport Carbon Wing Element perfectly.

Just like the factory pieces, these endplates can be adjusted to stay level when adjusting the angle of the racing wing. 


  • Mounting Screws Are Included