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IPD Plenums

IPD Plenums 991.1 Carrera Non-S 3.4L 82mm

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The specifically designed 991.1 Carrera Non-S 3.4L Plenum is a direct bolt-on upgrade that replaces the factory air distributor and utilizes all pre-existing factory hardware including the OE factory 82mm throttle body.

The improved IPD intake design creates increased air velocity and air speed resulting in impressive power and torque gains for Porsche driving enthusiast.

The superior design of the Carrera IPD Plenum provides an additional 14 horsepower at the wheels. Unlike previous naturally aspirated IPD Plenums that delivered stronger gains in the mid range, the new IPD Plenums deliver a similar shaped power curve as the factory but are considerably stronger from the mid range to redline without any power loses down low.