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IPD Plenums

IPD Plenums 992.1 Carrera Non-S/S/GTS 3.0L 74mm IPD Plenum ('20-Current)

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The 992 Carrera engine is another modern marvel from Porsche. Although displacement remains unchanged at 3.0L, there are a plethora of upgrades that elevate the 9A2 Evo engine head and shoulders above the previous 991.2 model engine. We were fortunate enough to have unlimited access to a 992 Carrera S during our extensive development and testing program. This unrestricted time frame proved to be invaluable, allowing IPD to scrutinize every engineering and design aspect in an effort to deliver the best performing Plenum possible.
Like all IPD Plenums, the 992 Plenum is a product of efficiency that produces substantial HP and TQ gains through a superior and patented “Y” design that manages and delivers optimized air flow for enhanced engine performance. The Plenum has been proven to delivered substantial net performance gains across both power bands and is guaranteed to elevate the driving experience of any Carrera.