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IPD Plenums

IPD Plenums 997.1 Turbo/GT2 IPD High Flow Y-Pipe ('06-'09)

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The revolutionary 997 Turbo IPD Y-Pipe was built for the more demanding Turbo performance customer. This is not a cast reproduction of the factory Y-pipe but a complete re-design from scratch, developed to deliver even greater air flow for both stock AND highly modified Turbos.

The factory Y-Pipe becomes restrictive when adding substantial power gains. The IPD Y-Pipe has larger inlets and an optimized diversion area allowing for even greater power gains. This superior and more efficient design flows 126 more cfm than the factory Y-Pipe delivering the additional power needed to raise the performance bar on any Turbo.

Bigger isn’t always better, and the IPD Y-Pipe is designed to deliver optimum flow without being too large causing a loss in boost response.  These Y-Pipes can also be special ordered in custom powder coated colors and ceramic coatings or polished to improve the aesthetic appeal of your Turbo engine.

The IPD 997 Turbo Y-Pipe is designed to be a direct replacement of the factory OEM Y-Pipe. There are no modifications or fabrication required for installing the IPD Y-Pipe. This is an easy and straight forward R & R (remove and reinstall) bolt on upgrade.

Can be used with OEM 74mm throttle body or IPD Competition 82mm throttle body and Plenum.