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Racing Dymanics

Racing Dynamics Downpipe for BMW 340i F30; BMW 440i F32 B58 2016-19

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Catless Downpipe for BMW M240i ix F22 BMW 340i ix F30, BMW 340i GT f34, BMW 440i ix F32/F33, BMW 440i ix Grand Coupe F36, BMW 540i ix G30, BMW 740i ix G11/G12 2016-18 with B58 engines.
Eliminates the largest restriction in your exhaust. 4 1/2" input flange with 4" mandrel bent downpipe manufactured out of 304 stainless steel, TIG welded with brushed finish. For left hand drive models only!

  • Straight-through design allows for maximum power and sound.
  • Straight-through tubing section replaces the heavy and restrictive OEM catalytic converters for maximum power and sound
  • Includes flex joint to reduce vibration from the engine and allows alignment during installation
  • Improves horsepower and torque significantly. Approximately 25 HP with a tune.
  • Direct bolt-on replacement for OEM primary catalytic converters
  • Less thermal load on the turbocharger
  • Reduces turbo lag

      BMW M2 B58 F87 2016-18

      BMW M240i/ix B58 F22 2016-18

      BMW 340i ix /340GT B58 F30/F31 2016-18

      BMW 440i ix B58 F32/F33/F36 2016-18

      BMW 540i ix B58 G30 2017-19

      BMW 740i ix B58 G11/G12 2016 on

      BMW X3 G01 M40i 2017-20

      BMW X4 G02 M40i 2017-20

      BMW X5 G05 xDrove40i 2018 on

    BMW X7 G07 xDrive40i 2019 on



These products are designed and sold for OFF ROAD / RACE USE only. They are not 50 state legal, they are not CARB certified and they are not allowed for use on emission controlled vehicles.