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SKU: RK500-04
The REKUDO front and rear anti-roll bar set for your Tesla Model 3 is suitable for street driving, autocross, and track days. The larger diameter 32mm front and 22mm rear bars reduce body roll and stiffen up the suspension. The high durometer polyurethane bushings also improve the performance of the bars since they don't flex as much as factory rubber bushings. The special lubricant reduces squeak and NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) that can be common with un-lubricated poly bushings. Each anti-roll bar has multiple end link attachment options to allow handling adjustments. Sold in a set of two anti-roll bars - for both the front and rear of the Tesla Model 3. Ideal for use with REKUDO Lowering Springs RK200-10. Vehicles that didn't come from the factory with a rear sway bar (Base and Standard Plus models) will need part number RK500-05 - this kit includes the rear sway bar links.


  • Fits 2017+ Tesla Model 3 – Performance, All-Wheel Drive & Long Range (sub-models)
  • Reduces Body Roll for Improved Handling
  • Includes Matched Anti-Roll Bar Set for Both Front and Rear of Your Tesla
  • Tubular Design – on Both Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars – Stronger & Lighter than Traditional Solid Steel
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar is 32mm Diameter & 3 position Adjustable (stock front bar is 28mm and non-adjustable)
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar is 22mm Diameter & 2 Position Adjustable (stock rear bar is 20mm and non-adjustable)
  • Both Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars are Adjustable from Softest Setting (Reduces Understeer) to Firmest Setting (Reduces Oversteer) – The End Links are Moved to Different Mounting Holes on the Ends of the Anti-Roll Bars
  • Includes All Installation Hardware – Including High Durometer Polyurethane Bushings, Billet Aluminum Rear Bushing Mounts, and Special Lubricant To Reduce Squeak & NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) That May Be More Noticeable on an Electric Vehicle
  • Black Finish – Looks Great and Prevents Corrosion
  • Ideal for Use w/ REKUDO Lowering Springs RK200-10