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Rekudo Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber With Leather Grips 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3/Model Y

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SKU: RK950-01
The REKUDO steering wheel is beautiful, functional, and easy to install. Choose from carbon fiber with leather grips, or Alcantara wrapped steering wheels. The motorsport inspired design features deep pocketed palm and thumb grooves on the sides to give you a confidence-inspiring and comfortable grip for your hands. The cross stitched silver threading gives the leather or Alcantara section an extra elegant touch that is only found on high end performance steering wheels. The flat bottom gives you extra room for your legs, and the centerline stripe on RK950-01 makes is easy to find center in street and performance driving applications. Simply put, we've made personalizing your steering wheel easy. This is our own design. We don't modify or wrap your existing wheel. We ship you a new wheel and you swap over your factory controls and airbag. There's no downtime without your car to ship out and modify your existing wheel, and there are no core fees. Simply swap, install, and enjoy!


  • Direct Replacement in Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with No Core or Downtime Required
  • Choose From Genuine Carbon Fiber with Leather Grips, or Alcantara Wrapped Design
  • Flat Bottom Design with Ergonomically Shaped Finger, Palm & Thumb Grooves - for Driver Comfort
  • Carbon Fiber- Sporty Motorsport Appearance and a Great Look
  • Centerline Stripe - Makes it Easy to Find Center When Driving
  • Silver Colored Stitching - for a Premium Appearance
  • Easy to Install - Factory Controls & Airbag are Reused w/ the New Steering Wheel
  • Steering Wheel is Non-Heated and Fits all models up to 2022 with the Standard Non-Heated Steering Wheel