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RW Carbon

RWCarbon BMW F22 F23 3D Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

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The newest aero item for your 2014-2021 228i or M235i is the RW Carbon 3D style carbon fiber lip. This CF lip will provide functional downforce at highway speed and that desirable carbon fiber accented appearance when stationary. We manufacture these BMW 2 series carbon fiber lips from genuine 2x2 CF that will match any and all other carbon aero parts you have on your 228i or M235i. The 3D style F22/F23 carbon fiber lips are completed with a thick clear coat to ensure no fading, discoloring, or chipping occurs even when your vehicle is daily driven. Installation is 100% plug and play requiring no special modifications to your F22 and F23, and can typically be completed in under an hour.