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RW Carbon

RWCarbon BMW F8x M3 M4 RWS Forged Carbon Diffuser

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SKU: bmwf8x048
You guys asked for it, so we had to make it! We've added another RWS diffuser to the lineup - This one stands apart from the other RWS diffuser in that it has 3 fins in the center section for an unrivaled sleek appearance. To take this new item one step further this RWS rear diffuser features a forged carbon finish! The RWS Forged carbon M3/M4 diffuser features 1 piece construction - no cheap 3 piece construction here that leaves you with gaps between the pieces. We produce the forged diffuser in the same factory with the same mold, just changing some of the raw materials which gives us a vastly more bespoke finish when compared to the standard CF. Superb fitment and quality come standard when you opt for the RWS forged carbon diffuser. After manufacturing we finish each item with a UV resistant clearcoat just like the standard CF counterpart. Whether you just got your car and it's time to upgrade the oem painted diffuser, or if you're just getting bored of your current CF diffuser then the RWS forged M3/M4 diffuser is an excellent option. NOTE: Normal lead times for forged carbon products is 8 weeks. If you would like to see if we have any in stock please contact us directly.