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Soul Performance Products

SoulPP Huracan Valved Exhaust

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Enjoy two distinct tones in one much improved exhaust for your Huracan!  Unleash maximum power and a visceral V10 weapon’s grade sound symphony through 3″ piping with valves open. A bespoke X-pipe chambered muffler reduces drone in both modes while offering a refined but still exhilarating closed valves experience when desired.


 Fits all Lamborghini Huracan vehicles  (2014-2019 / excluding Performante)
+  Weighs 28.3 lbs / 12.83 kg less than factory exhaust (66 lbs for factory vs 37.7 lbs SOUL exhaust)
+  Designed and built in the USA.


2014-2019 Lamborghini Huracan (Excluding Performante)


These products are designed and sold for OFF ROAD / RACE USE only. They are not 50 state legal, they are not CARB certified and they are not allowed for use on emission-controlled vehicles.