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Weistec Spark Plugs M156

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SKU: 01-156-00988-8

For those who will be making over 630bhp these uniquely designed spark plugs are a must have. The extended electrode tip of the OEM spark plug will be prone to pre-ignition at higher power and boost levels. Upgraded spark plugs are a must have with our Stage 2 and 3 Supercharger packages.

Key Features:

  • Higher Output for Supercharged applications

  • Colder range for better compatibility in supercharged applications

  • Direct replacement/bolt in for M156/M159

  • Inexpensive way to gain power and efficiency

  • Increased overall safety of engine parts

  • Set of 8

* Important: Please be sure to check and set spark plug gap prior to installation.


All Mercedes-Benz with M156 engine